Work Package 5

The overall aim of WP5 is to demonstrate and evaluate the potential of the kW-flexiburst USP laser in different industrial applications with respect to volume ablation rate (throughput in mm3/min, m2h or holes/min), precision of topology and avoidance of debris, burrs and molten zones for metal (linear absorption) and dielectrics (nonlinear absorption). The specific objectives are:

  1. Evaluate the capabilities of flexible GHz bursts for laser processing of metals and transparent materials at 10W power level with the GigaPico V1.0 laser, using small test samples.

  2. Demonstrate fast processing with the kW-flexiburst laser in the micromachining of ceramics, transparent materials and metal layers on transparent or dielectric materials with applications in sensing, electronics and medical technology.

  3. Demonstrate the application of the kW-flexiburst laser in engraving 3D microstructures on the surface of metal cylinders (Cu and Steel) with functional properties for industrial applications in packaging, embossing and the steel industry.