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Modus Research and Innovation Limited (MODUS)

MODUS Research and Innovation is a not for profit company with the objective facilitating collaborative research and innovation across the academic and business sectors. As an intermediary operating in the market space between business and academia, MODUS interacts with many R&D based businesses as well as Universities and Research Institutes. MODUS offers expertise in the maximising the impact of H2020 research and innovation projects through support for the dissemination and exploitation activities at the project level.  

As robust dissemination and exploitation strategies are an integral part of research and innovation MODUS supports consortia in setting and achieving dissemination and exploitation objectives and undertakes to lead the project exploitation planning process. Using a specific methodology for collaborative research projects MODUS systematically guides consortia in identifying and prioritising the best exploitation opportunities for their project and supports the development of a project and partner level IP strategy which aligns the projects results and deliverables with the demands and opportunities of the market. To facilitate widespread dissemination MODUS develops tailor-made dissemination kits that meet the requirements of the consortium and project stakeholders. Overall MODUS builds onto the strengths of the scientific and research activities within a project and delivers a professional service which supports the participants to maximise the benefits of the project results. 


Alison McLeod

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