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Laser Engraving, Marking and Texturing 

The kW-flexiburst laser can be used in the engraving and marking of metals sheets,  micro structuring of large area metallic printing and embossing cylinders, as well as providing structuring and texturing of foils and papers.
For these types of applications ablation rate is key and the kW-flexiburst system will provide a rate of 100mm3/min ideal for metal sheet marking. High pulse energy and average power instead of peak power are the most important parameters to deliver the desired throughput because this power is distributed into multiple beams to achieve a large area throughput and efficiency. A high pulse rate is not beneficial to engraving because this will accumulate heat and melt the application surface so the kW-Flexiburst laser system can be tuned to have a high repetition rate with low number of pulses.
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