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The kW-flexiburst laser unit can be applied in the cutting of hard materials (ceramics, metals) as well transparent materials. Certain industrial sectors require precision cutting with minimal heat transfer, for example the fine cutting of gear wheels for the watch market. Each of these materials represents a different challenge and has different performance requirements. 
kW-Flexiburst laser parameters such as pulse duration, pulse energy and beam quality will be paramount for laser cutting applications and the fine tuning of these parameters will allow for enhanced cutting speeds with increased precision without unwanted heat accumulation. 

In addition, kW-Flexiburst's GHz repetition rate provides the higher efficiency required for the processing of brittle, heat dependent materials, such as transparent materials and ceramics, and for processing thicker materials at high speed. The energy accumulation process with GHz burst allows increasing the confinement of the laser-matter interaction and its fundamental efficiency. 

The key message for laser cutting applications is that it is dependant on the materials being processed, different parameters may be required for effective cutting. kW-Flexibursts laser system provides the user the ability to process different materials in a single unit.  


Laser Cutting 

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