GigaPico Front-end System 

Lead by UBx, the overall aim of WP1 is to develop an innovative front-end delivering shaped bursts of picosecond pulses at a tunable GHz repetition rate with moderate power to be further amplified up to the kW level in WP2 and WP3.

Lead by SPR, the overall aim of WP2 is to develop the main amplifier section seeded by the output of an oscillator front end. As input seed source both the seed oscillator developed in WP1 and Spectra-Physics own seed oscillator will be investigated.

Flexible Amplifier System

Thin-Disk Multipass Booster

The overall aim of WP3, lead by USTUTT, is to implement a thin-disk multipass booster delivering an average output of power of up to 1 kW.

Our Research

Demonstrator System Optimisation

Lead by GFH, the overall aim of WP4 is the provision of demonstrator systems for the utilisation of the high-power USP laser source in industrial applications.

Demonstration of kW-Flexiburst Laser

The overall aim of WP5, which is lead by DG, is to demonstrate and evaluate the potential of the kW-flexiburst USP laser in different industrial applications with respect to volume ablation rate, precision of topology and avoidance of debris, burrs and molten zones.