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kW-Flexiburst Applications

kW-flexiburst is developing a high power, kW-class, USP laser solution that offers unprecedented flexibility in its parameters whilst consistently delivering 1kW of average power to the workpiece. The laser is being developed with unique properties that will provide customer-selectable intra-burst repetition rates between 1.38 and 22 GHz and flexible (burst) repetition rates in the range of 100kHz to 20MHz at kW power level with sub picosecond pulse duration. These parameters far exceed the capabilities and specifications of existing USP lasers.

The kW-flexiburst laser was designed  as an enabling technology for high-power and high-throughput laser-based processing applications. The integrated laser will flexibly deliver fast and precise GHz bursts and to distribute the high pulse energy in a highly economic way, enabling novel schemes for laser machining to be realised. An optimized tuned pulse energy will support higher material removal per photon and therefore higher precision and higher productivity. Whilst the ability to continuously modify repetition rates will enable a much higher degree of adjustment to optimal fluences while retaining use of the full laser power on the workpiece resulting in significant, and potentially disruptive, improvements in industrial production processes.


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Structuring and Texturing

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