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kW-Flexibursts Dr. Marwan Abdou Ahmed, presents at LASE HOT Topics at Photonics West 2021

Photonics Wests LASE Hot Topics presentation on Monday was joined by kW-flexibursts very own Dr. Marwan Abdou Ahmed, of the University of Stuttgart, Germany. His presentation, titled “Development of high-power ultrafast lasers: Quo vadis?”, considered the challenges in power scaling of ultrafast lasers, the state of the art in high power ultrafast lasers with special emphasis on thin disk multipass amplifiers, and the future of ultrafast lasers with examples from various industrial sources.

While discussing the future of ultrafast lasers, Dr Abdou Ahmed presented the kW-flexiburst project, showcasing some of the projects first results and explaining why the project will have a huge impact for end users.

What one can hear often is that the end user requires more flexibility, so versatile ultrafast laser sources are of high interest: average output powers that range from a few watts to above a kilowatt and more; the possibility of having bursts of pulses because that can be very beneficial for materials processing; and ideally to be continuously tunable from a few hundred kilohertz to 20 MHz.

You can watch Dr Marwan Abdou Ahmed's full presentation here:

or read the presentation article here:

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