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University of Bordeaux, publishes the first kW-Flexiburst research article

Dr Eric Cormier of University of Bordeaux has published his research with Hanyu Ye, Lilia Pontagnier, Clément Dixneuf and Giorgio Santarelli, demonstrating a femtosecond, 11.48 GHz intra-burst repetition rate deep UV source at 258 nm based on single-pass two-stage FHG.

Find out more about this important research here:

Hanyu Ye, Lilia Pontagnier, Clément Dixneuf, Giorgio Santarelli, and Eric Cormier, "Multi-GHz repetition rate, femtosecond deep ultraviolet source in burst mode derived from an electro-optic comb," Opt. Express 28, 37209-37217 (2020).

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