Work Package 2

The overall aim of WP2 is to develop the main amplifier section seeded by the output of an oscillator front end in the 100mW range, and delivering >300W of output power with sub-800fs pulse duration. As input seed source both the seed oscillator developed in WP1 and Spectra-Physics' own seed oscillator will be investigated. The specific objectives are:

  1. Development of scalable, flexible amplifier "building blocks" to cover a wide range of power levels (from <100mW to >300W) following two different design optimization paths;

  2. High-power amplifier stages (with high extraction efficiency) for boosting medium-level seed powers to the >300W level.

  3. Implementation of safety features to protect amplifier stages from parasitic lasing even under seed front end drop-out and low-duty cycle seeding, respectively. This feature will ensure reliable operation of amplifier and will ensure pulse-on-demand operation without any pulse amplitude over- or undershoot.

  4. Development of electronic interface to allow for smooth integration and control of both seed front end developed in WP2 and Spectra-Physics' own oscillator, respectively.

  5. Support of Partners during integration and operation of >300W laser system to ensure proper and reliable operation without any significant down-time.